1000 Leaders // Create. Impact. Serve.

Matt Davis, founder of Third Strategy, is driven to create, impact and serve 1000 leaders in his lifetime. The desire to be a catalyst for change is the DNA that pushes Third Strategy to live out its core values.

Third Strategy was founded to provide powerful perspective to businesses in their quest to increase their performance and profitability. As a consulting firm, we work with companies in the areas of Marketing, Strategic Planning, Customer Retention, Referral Generation, Sales Training and Executive/Owner Development.

At Third Strategy, we understand that an outside perspective can bring fresh eyes, fresh ideas and a bold approach to problem solving. Our passion is to inspire you to action and to help you recognize your own strengths as some of your best resources. We specialize in creating customized business coaching to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We realize that many times as companies, leaders and business owners, we are simply prescribed solutions based on the prevailing trends. Time after time, our consultants noticed that a pre-determined approach to consulting was actually limiting results and was not taking into account the most important part – YOU!

In a world of ever growing customization we decided to create custom consulting solutions for each of our clients. We believe that a deep understanding of each client is necessary in order to know how best we can help you overcome the challenges that you face.

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