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“I have trusted Matt for several years now and have hired him repeatedly so that I can continue to evolve and grow as a person and a professional. With high trust comes high performance and Matt understands how to draw out ideas and solutions that deliver results. If looking for direction, clarity and increased performance personally and/or in your organization, I strongly suggest you send some time getting to know Matt and his company.”


“Matt is a trusted source of honesty that has always provided stable insight into my life and career. I would highly recommend his coaching to anyone who has a desire to grow professionally and through their relationships, as Matt will help set your path and then hold you accountable to it!”
– Jon King, Portfolio Operations Director, AvalonBay Communities

“Matt is patient, understanding, compassionate, and truly strives to forge a unique path with each of his clients that leads to success in their business as well as personal life. I would recommend Matt 110%!”
– Meghan Wood Wright, Realty World

“Matt is a dynamic and enthusiastic motivator that partners with you like a close friend, while utilizing his coaching expertise to seamlessly help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. The net affect is a client that is committed to accomplishing their goals with full confidence that he/she will be successful.”

– Alain Espinosa, Strategic Escalation Analyst, Google

“Matt has profound insight into details, especially with business transactions. He also provides his personal touch, which makes you feel like he takes what he does to heart.”

– Lisa Pileggi, Clinician, Hathaway Sycamores Child & Family Services

“Matt is a very dynamic and passionate person who drives himself and others to meet their business and life goals. He is incredibly competitive and seeks to make a significant impact in the lives that he’s able to touch by leading by example first. Matt has a great sense of humor and a great faith as well that really balances out how intense he is in helping others achieve at their highest level possible. Anyone looking for a wake up call to get moving and establish some strong momentum in their lives should definitely consider Mr. Matt Davis.”
– Darrin Jackson, Certified Business Coach, Buffini and Company

“Matt is an energetic, focused, goal-oriented individual who works hard at anything he puts his mind to. His energy and enthusiasm is refreshing!”

– Les Lyons, Vice President of Client Services, Bachrach & Associates, Inc.

“Matt is an incredible communicator. His ability through engaging conversation to get to the heart of an issue and focus on achievable outcomes is unprecedented. I’ve found his discernment and vision to help me perform at a higher level. Any executive who wants to acheive more with clear focus and less stress needs to talk with Matt.”

Greg Wasmuth, Director of Professional Services, MindFireInc

“Matt Davis is a caring, intelligent and detail-oriented manager, who always put the needs of his clients first. Matt and I shared many clients at Buffini and Company, all would personally recommend his services based on his personal and professional attributes.”

Jason Zielinski, Sales Consultant, Buffini and Company

“Matt Davis is a highly skilled, highly trained business consultant who maximizes the most valuable asset of any business–people. When you work with Matt, you can expect higher revenues, higher sales volumes, and more focused, successful business practices. Magically, under his coaching you can achieve all of these with better balance and an improved personal life. Matt is a personable coach who cares deeply about his client’s success.”

Karla Johnson

“Matt has helped me take my business and my team to the next level. He helps me stay focused on the “A” activities. He helps me put into practice the saying, “Do only what only you can do.” I appreciate how Matt always draws me back to the true priorities in my business.”

Bob Lane

“Matt is a phenomenal person. He invests everything he is to his work, and competes with himself to better his skills and results. He approaches work with a confidence that gives you a sense that it’s under control and you can trust him. Mediocre is NOT ok for Matt. He strives to surpass people’s expectations of him.”

Scott Marquart, Business Coach, Buffini and Company

“Matt is a highly efficient and detailed strategist. Following current trends but has the innovation to set out and pave his own path. All this is done while maintaining a level of consistency in his work. Matt cares about the success of those around him and works to bring out the best in his clients.”

Garrett White, Market Growth & Development Consultant, Wells Fargo Bank

“Matt was hired to coach me in my Real Estate business. Taking my business model and helping redefine the approach to the company and double the productivity levels while my competition was floundering. On more than one occassion Matt had insight and input that was out of the box and allowed me to see things from a different perspective and helped me strengthen business relationships I was having challenges with to attain a win-win solution. Matt has been a real asset in propelling my career.

Jesse Eline

“Matt Davis is a strong source for getting on track and staying there. He follows through with what is set out and holds me accountable for what I NEED to get done with my business. He is a positive influence that keeps the big picture of business in mind.”

Anthony MacAllister

“We have been a client of Matt Davis’s twice, starting in 2006. He is currently doing business consulting for our real estate business — it has been great — rigorous & focused, but wonderful. Matt is very good at helping to distill down to the highest & best usage of business time & defining goals and results for business in the greater context of everything else in our lives. We are getting excellent results & even though we know we are good at what we do, we couldn’t have made the progress we have without Matt’s direction.”

Kelsey Lane

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